The Do’s And Don’ts Of Setting Your Home For A Massage Therapy

If performed with perfection, no task remains underdog!

Massage therapies hold the same belief and performance. Even if a professional level massage is performed at home, nothing makes a difference, apart from the professional hands that perform the therapy.

If you are among those who prefer considering massage therapies back home, you should however, definitely have a look and sustain some of the do’s and don’ts for the same.


Don’t be in the myth that your old room can work. Attendants never prefer to get back to a clumsy and crowded place for relaxation.

Don’t ignore the light settings and highlighted portions. The massage session definitely needs good variety of relaxing light.

Don’t let the attendants follow a long trail in order to reach the final place as they may dislike walking too much, when in pain.

Avoid setting up an awkward staircase that proves difficult to climb.

Never compromise on the presentation of the room. It must be well decorated, neat and clean.

It’s always recommended to use the garage spaces, old pool houses or any other spacious private areas for such sessions that are easy to reach.


Do make your space as private and personal as possible. Adding a blind is a very good idea and it will keep the privacy, intact.

Add a sound system that helps in blocking any of the external sounds entering into the region of your home.

Sound proofing is another way to add to the personal space.

Do have a complementing massage table for the perfect presentation and reliable massage. Enrich your homely massage session with the best possible equipments, as well.

  • Make sure you keep your business aspect, alive even while pursuing a home practice for any massage. Keep a track of the bookings, business cards, appointments and other things. Either use appointment software or a log book to keep all your things on track.
  • Do actively pursue the proper office procedures suitable for the attendants coming to your place. Never compromise on the privacy of the attendant’s records, appointments, information, etc.
  • Follow a benchmarked process bearing and setup for each attendant for the most befitting possible care for each.
  • The basic comfort and ease of the attendants must never be compromised. Right from the fresh, clean linens to the hand and body towels, everything should remain clean and neatly aligned. However, overuse of scented detergents and other fabric softeners must be avoided. This may be responsible for triggering different kinds of allergies in the attendants.
  • Keep everything handy and within your convenient reach.
  • Make sure to keep some extra linens and towels, as well.

Keeping these things in mind, you can definitely setup your home for a perfect spa or massage centre for all kinds of massage including- Aromatherapy, Balinese massage, Thai massage, etc. Also, make sure to seek help from some of the professional therapists, who can teach you the basic fundamentals for a desirable massage or massage centre.

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