Massage- A Beneficial Therapy For All

Foot Massage in Chandigarh

Massage has been the most traditional and globally accepted way to both relax and rejuvenate your senses. Whether it is the Reflexology, Foot massage, Back pain massage, Balinese massage or even aromatherapy massage, every massage is said to be suitable for all. It is not necessary that one who is suffering from some severe medical condition should undergo such therapies.

Because of the technique and the stress reducing benefit of the different massage therapies, it has been said to suit all.

There are a number of situations during which everyone can go for a suitable massage therapy such as- aromatherapy massage, foot reflexology, Thai Massage or back pain massage, such as:-

During Labour and Pregnancy

Massage therapies have been suitable beneficial for women who are under labour and also during the pregnancy tenure. It not just reduced the pain but also induced easy labour and even better nursing after the baby’s birth.

  • Women Health

Massage therapies have proved beneficial in effective relaxation of all sorts of pain in 95% of the women, right from labour, pregnancy, PMS symptoms, etc. This has overall helped in improving women health.

  • Men Health

Older men are said to be scared of their inability to perform sex but, regular massage therapies have shown considerable effects in this concern. Massage has also been found to be significantly empowering the balancing of situations like- enlarged prostate problems and overall health.

  • Inhibits Getting Older Too Fast

Several massage therapies have proved significant in combating all through the aging process and sustain the feeling of being young for long. Massage improves the body’s metabolism process and the production of the digestive enzymes, which stimulates the body’s energy production process. This also helps in higher blood flow and better functioning of the overall body organs, which in turn inhibits the body’s ageing process.

  • Pain Relief

Several massage therapies such as foot reflexology and back pain massage have been pretty effective in reducing the stiffness of the muscles, improving the circulation of lymph and blood, which in turn works magically on the pain relief process. Massage therapies have been significantly working even in major pain concerns such as kidney stones, labour, ureter, tooth pain, etc. Migraine led headaches have also been seen almost vanishing with effective massage.

  • High Quality of Life and Overall Relaxation

Massage therapies have wonderfully changed the world with its effectiveness of working on chronic illness, lowered stress and day to day aches and pains, etc. This is in turn worked miraculously on improving the overall quality of life. Massage also have the ability to help ease your appetite, breath, concentration, mood, tiredness, constipation, diarrhoea, mobility, nausea, sleeplessness, etc. undergoing a massage therapy provides complete ease to the body and the mind and one receives both physical and mental goodness with it.

Every massage therapy has an effective and pretty strengthening feel good factor associated with it. It helps in both mentally and spiritually nurturing the body and mind and improving the overall quality of life.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Setting Your Home For A Massage Therapy

If performed with perfection, no task remains underdog!

Massage therapies hold the same belief and performance. Even if a professional level massage is performed at home, nothing makes a difference, apart from the professional hands that perform the therapy.

If you are among those who prefer considering massage therapies back home, you should however, definitely have a look and sustain some of the do’s and don’ts for the same.


Don’t be in the myth that your old room can work. Attendants never prefer to get back to a clumsy and crowded place for relaxation.

Don’t ignore the light settings and highlighted portions. The massage session definitely needs good variety of relaxing light.

Don’t let the attendants follow a long trail in order to reach the final place as they may dislike walking too much, when in pain.

Avoid setting up an awkward staircase that proves difficult to climb.

Never compromise on the presentation of the room. It must be well decorated, neat and clean.

It’s always recommended to use the garage spaces, old pool houses or any other spacious private areas for such sessions that are easy to reach.


Do make your space as private and personal as possible. Adding a blind is a very good idea and it will keep the privacy, intact.

Add a sound system that helps in blocking any of the external sounds entering into the region of your home.

Sound proofing is another way to add to the personal space.

Do have a complementing massage table for the perfect presentation and reliable massage. Enrich your homely massage session with the best possible equipments, as well.

  • Make sure you keep your business aspect, alive even while pursuing a home practice for any massage. Keep a track of the bookings, business cards, appointments and other things. Either use appointment software or a log book to keep all your things on track.
  • Do actively pursue the proper office procedures suitable for the attendants coming to your place. Never compromise on the privacy of the attendant’s records, appointments, information, etc.
  • Follow a benchmarked process bearing and setup for each attendant for the most befitting possible care for each.
  • The basic comfort and ease of the attendants must never be compromised. Right from the fresh, clean linens to the hand and body towels, everything should remain clean and neatly aligned. However, overuse of scented detergents and other fabric softeners must be avoided. This may be responsible for triggering different kinds of allergies in the attendants.
  • Keep everything handy and within your convenient reach.
  • Make sure to keep some extra linens and towels, as well.

Keeping these things in mind, you can definitely setup your home for a perfect spa or massage centre for all kinds of massage including- Aromatherapy, Balinese massage, Thai massage, etc. Also, make sure to seek help from some of the professional therapists, who can teach you the basic fundamentals for a desirable massage or massage centre.

What Is A Couple Massage: A Guide To The First Timers

A couple massage is the most effective romantic getaway or a simple treatment for relaxing the body reflexes getting indulged in a followed spa session. It is not a simple massage but, involves a truly relinquishing massage for complete rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for both you and your loved ones. Even though the name represents it an ideal treatment for just romantic couple, but the truth is that it can even be enjoyed with close friends and family members, too.

Being in Chandigarh, Couple Massage in Chandigarh is a must try!

Types of Couple Massage in Chandigarh

Offering some of the most easing and relaxing massage sessions, taking a couple massage in Chandigarh gives you enough options to choose from the different types of massages they offer. This will not just relax your sense but, also act as a healing therapy against injuries. Swedish massage is the most recommended massage for this purpose, apart from this you can also go for THAI MASSAGE or even Aromatherapy. In case you are amongst who do not wish to go for the skin show, trying a foot reflexology, holding hands with each other is also another option.

Effects of Couple Massage in Chandigarh

A couple massage undertaken in Chandigarh is a pleasure to enjoy with the right touch of the professional therapists. Apart from this, such therapies add to strengthening the bond between you and your loved ones. The presence of you and your partner infuses a level of higher comfort and cosiness in the massage benefits. This is also a fruitful way to spend some real quality time with your romantic partner, a loved one or even a friend, apart from the rest and relaxation it adds.

The Way To Complete Relaxation and Rejuvenation Is The World Of Massage Therapies

Relaxation and the sense of ease is the utmost need of every human being. A human being feels anxious and comfort deprived in absence of a perfect relaxing environment. Thus, it becomes highly important to have the perfect feel of ease and comfort all around.

Massage has been one such admirable way to help the body and mind reach the utmost relaxation and trail into a world of exotic comfort and ease. Another significant reason favouring the world of massage therapies is that it also lets your body communicate with the inner senses and relive the feeling of comfy living.

The elements of the world of massage therapies

There are several contributing elements of the world of massage therapies, namely-

Swedish Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Thai Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Foot Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Thigh Massage

Spot Massage

Each of these massage therapies are special in their own existence and favour a particular set of body welfares. Some are a general relaxation therapy, whereas the others tend to help with specific issues or region oriented problem factors.

Some of the massage therapies also involve the use of certain massage movements, yoga moves, aroma oils and even music for providing the best reflective soothing feeling during the session.

Benefits of Being in the World of Massage Therapies

Each massage therapy has a particular benefit attached to it. On one side, aromatherapy helps in mind relaxation, then on the other side foot reflexology helps provide an equal reflex relaxation on the different body organs, deep tissue massage helps in rejuvenating the deepest senses of the body and sports massage helps in getting relief from the injuries during sports activity.

  • The other relative benefits of being in the world of massage therapies are as listed below-
  • Massage helps in the complete relaxation of the body and mind.
  • It helps in higher blood flow throughout the body, in turn helps with higher oxygen flow.
  • It also helps amplify the lymph circulation in the body for an effective rejuvenation of the body organs.
  • Gives a relieving feel due to excessive exercise, injury or even strain
  • Specific massage therapies assist in fighting away the knots or strains of the muscles due to extra tension or strain in the muscles
  • Massage sessions like foot reflexology provide an awesome reflexive action on the relative body part and removes the ailments concerning them
  • Massage touches the various pressure points and rightly gives them the soothe they require for an effective functioning of such parts

Massage therapies such as sports massage and Thai Massage is beneficial for the athletes whose thigh and calf muscles gets strained due to extra running and physical work.