Potli Massage And The Way It Works

Massage therapies emerge as some of the most primitive methods of correlating massage techniques for the perfect healing and relaxation for the entire body. Even since old times, massage sessions have been an indispensible part of one’s daily life.

There are however various forms of massage going around. Potli massage is one such a type of massage service offered by various spas amongst the massage in Chandigarh. However, the awareness for this age-old massage technique is less, but it has been quite instrumental for helping in pain alleviations arising along with ailments relative to osteoarthritis and spondylitis.

This therapy has been hugely suitable and well recommended for women who are above the age of 30 years, concerning to bone-related problems.

If you are still wondering on what it exactly is why to enjoy the Massage in Chandigarh, here is a little help!

What is Potli massage therapy?

This is amongst the most popular and the most age old massage therapies that have been practiced in India, South East Asia, especially around Thailand and many other Asian countries. It has been practiced as a natural remedy for curing the ailments, relaxation and rejuvenation of the body since many centuries. It is mainly done with the use of heated herbal potlis or pouches or poultice for nourishing and relaxing the affected area of the body giving a healing touch. The placement of these potlis on the body gives a therapeutic effect and thus, cures the pain.

Ingredients of Potli massage

Potli massage is one of the branches of the oldest and most traditional medicinal practice in India known as Ayurveda. This is how it is related to this science. The Potlis used during this session actually contains certain selected Ayurvedic herbs, in form of both, fresh and dried herbs. They are pretty carefully picked up on the basis of the Ayurvedic constitution and the ailment one is getting treated for. Packing them into small pieces of muslin cloth and then dipping it in a warm medicated oil supporting a wet massage) or into sand or other herbal powder supporting a dry massage, the therapy is continued. These potlis are then massaged on particular pressure points that aids as a healing agent for the body by stimulating the blood circulation promoting faster recuperation and healthy skin.

How it works?

Potli massage actually works on an ancient philosophy that combines the elements of fire and water together with certain specific herbs. When this heated potli is massaged onto the body areas, the body pores get open and further relaxes the muscles.


There are several benefits associated with Potli massage corresponding to featured benefits against ailment related to –

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Spondylitis

  • Frozen shoulders

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Its content favours to specific illness and a particular person’s body too

  • It is one of the most primitive and Ayurvedic based therapy for curing problems

  • This treatment aids with relief of pain and inflammation, improves blood circulation and higher flexibility, as well.