Body Massage – An introduction to the age old technique of wellness and good health

Manipulating the muscles. skin and tissues of the body with massage, helps relief from muscular tension, pains and stress and also aids in improving blood circulation, skin nourishment, cleansing and weight loss. It is an ancient believe that a regular body massage helps our body improves immunity against muscular spasm, aches and sprains in joints and other body parts thereby making us more strong towards infections and diseases.

In today’s world, many of us live a life full of stress and tension, without realizing that they also need some time for their body and health. We all deserve to be fit and relaxed and the only way to reach a state of complete attainment is through a complete body massage.

Ultimate Relaxation with Body Massage

We don’t even realize that massages starts form our early days when we are infants and our mother rubbing us with body oil. Massages has been a part of our life always. It is the power of touch through the massages that gives us the pleasure of being cared and pampered and thereby relieving us from stress and tension.

There are many ways that one can bet rid of pain due to stress and tension like taking pain killers, going out with friends, watching movies and so on, but all these techniques are superficial and relieves you for a while. The best way to terminate all your tiredness and pain due to pain and stress and attain the state of complete relaxation with a synchronized body, mind and soul is only through a full body massage.

A full body massage in Chandigarh is the perfect solution for all your problems of stress and tension.

Foot Reflexology

Also called as the ‘zone therapy’, it is an ancient technique of massage therapy is an amazing mix of the ancient art of healing and science. It works on the belief that a channel of energy rums from our foot to the head, encompassing all the vital organs that exists in the route. By applying pressure techniques through reflexology massage it unblock this channel and restore health and wellness.

Have you ever imagined that how much our foot has to bear? They are perhaps the most abused part of our body. As per the art of reflexology it is believed that good health starts at the feet and travels up. The benefits of foot reflexology are endless and some vital ones are:

  • Cure minor ailments like cough, cold and flu.
  • Aids prevention against diseases.
  • Improves energy levels.
  • Aids good circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Relieves against stress, tensions and muscular pains.
  • Helps in prevention against injury.
  • Helps stimulating activities of internal organs.
  • Is a successful therapy for constipation, chronic headaches, liver malfunction, skin allergies and much more.
  • Provide relief from tension and stress on the feet and legs.

As per reflexology chart, the right foot is associated to the organs present in the right side of the body and vice versa. Reflexology technicians apply pressure techniques at particular point to treat a particular organ.

Massage- A Beneficial Therapy For All

Foot Massage in Chandigarh

Massage has been the most traditional and globally accepted way to both relax and rejuvenate your senses. Whether it is the Reflexology, Foot massage, Back pain massage, Balinese massage or even aromatherapy massage, every massage is said to be suitable for all. It is not necessary that one who is suffering from some severe medical condition should undergo such therapies.

Because of the technique and the stress reducing benefit of the different massage therapies, it has been said to suit all.

There are a number of situations during which everyone can go for a suitable massage therapy such as- aromatherapy massage, foot reflexology, Thai Massage or back pain massage, such as:-

During Labour and Pregnancy

Massage therapies have been suitable beneficial for women who are under labour and also during the pregnancy tenure. It not just reduced the pain but also induced easy labour and even better nursing after the baby’s birth.

  • Women Health

Massage therapies have proved beneficial in effective relaxation of all sorts of pain in 95% of the women, right from labour, pregnancy, PMS symptoms, etc. This has overall helped in improving women health.

  • Men Health

Older men are said to be scared of their inability to perform sex but, regular massage therapies have shown considerable effects in this concern. Massage has also been found to be significantly empowering the balancing of situations like- enlarged prostate problems and overall health.

  • Inhibits Getting Older Too Fast

Several massage therapies have proved significant in combating all through the aging process and sustain the feeling of being young for long. Massage improves the body’s metabolism process and the production of the digestive enzymes, which stimulates the body’s energy production process. This also helps in higher blood flow and better functioning of the overall body organs, which in turn inhibits the body’s ageing process.

  • Pain Relief

Several massage therapies such as foot reflexology and back pain massage have been pretty effective in reducing the stiffness of the muscles, improving the circulation of lymph and blood, which in turn works magically on the pain relief process. Massage therapies have been significantly working even in major pain concerns such as kidney stones, labour, ureter, tooth pain, etc. Migraine led headaches have also been seen almost vanishing with effective massage.

  • High Quality of Life and Overall Relaxation

Massage therapies have wonderfully changed the world with its effectiveness of working on chronic illness, lowered stress and day to day aches and pains, etc. This is in turn worked miraculously on improving the overall quality of life. Massage also have the ability to help ease your appetite, breath, concentration, mood, tiredness, constipation, diarrhoea, mobility, nausea, sleeplessness, etc. undergoing a massage therapy provides complete ease to the body and the mind and one receives both physical and mental goodness with it.

Every massage therapy has an effective and pretty strengthening feel good factor associated with it. It helps in both mentally and spiritually nurturing the body and mind and improving the overall quality of life.

Who Can Conduct and Perform Foot Massage or Foot Reflexology?

Foot Massage in Chandigarh

Performing a massage is the essence of expert hands. Without the right expert guidance, performing a massage goes almost in vain. Massage involves touching, striking, rubbing and even pressing the right reflex points on the body. Especially in case of foot massage, the right reflex points need to be reached for an effective therapy.

Reflexology or foot reflexology massage can be performed by a certified reflexologist. In many cases, it can also be undertaken by an experienced family member, too. Reflexologist are not medical doctors however, they receive formal training for conducting the right practice of reflexology. There are a number of reflexology training centres that offer certified training in the same. International Institute of Reflexology in Florida is the most popular reflexology training offering institute around the world.

What to look for before choosing a Reflexologist?

  • When one is looking for a professional reflexologist, one should ensure that they have received a minimum 200 official hours of certified training and instruction for the best results.
  • One should also check it they have received a valid certification by a renowned training board. However, qualified the Reflexologist is, it should be ascertained that they are involved in continued training and learning program as per the recent updates of foot massage or reflexology.

What to expect from a Foot Massage Session?

  • During the beginning of the session, the reflexologist asks a couple of questions related to your medical history and determines the origin source of the problem one is undergoing.
  • Then after, one is made to lie down or sit in a comfortable chair, taking off both your shoes and socks.
  • Now, the reflexologist uses a couple of pressure movements, circular strokes and stretches for manipulating the reflex points corresponding to the affected body part. A few may use oil or a lotion, however many of them go for dry technique, as well.
  • You can guide your therapists for keeping the massage session comfortable and relaxed, rather than pushing too much to make it a painful session. Open communication is always welcome during such sessions.
  • Your foot massage session may last from 30 minutes to one hour giving the most relaxed feel. Your relexologist may wish to take note of your experience after the massage sessions for a better service next time.

Family Member Can Also Be a Valid Reflexologist

  • In case, one wishes to have a homely foot massage, any of your family members willing to understand the strategy behind this massage can help.
  • If they learn the reflex actions of the different points on the body and its functioning with reflexology, they can perform the foot massage on your own.

Foot massage or reflexology works amazingly on the entire body vitality. Being in Chandigarh you can definitely opt for getting a foot massage in Chandigarh in association with the best reflexologits. Having received the most professional and updated training, they are a pro at their job and the touch of their magical hands is a must to be tested.

The Way To Complete Relaxation and Rejuvenation Is The World Of Massage Therapies

Relaxation and the sense of ease is the utmost need of every human being. A human being feels anxious and comfort deprived in absence of a perfect relaxing environment. Thus, it becomes highly important to have the perfect feel of ease and comfort all around.

Massage has been one such admirable way to help the body and mind reach the utmost relaxation and trail into a world of exotic comfort and ease. Another significant reason favouring the world of massage therapies is that it also lets your body communicate with the inner senses and relive the feeling of comfy living.

The elements of the world of massage therapies

There are several contributing elements of the world of massage therapies, namely-

Swedish Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Thai Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Foot Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Thigh Massage

Spot Massage

Each of these massage therapies are special in their own existence and favour a particular set of body welfares. Some are a general relaxation therapy, whereas the others tend to help with specific issues or region oriented problem factors.

Some of the massage therapies also involve the use of certain massage movements, yoga moves, aroma oils and even music for providing the best reflective soothing feeling during the session.

Benefits of Being in the World of Massage Therapies

Each massage therapy has a particular benefit attached to it. On one side, aromatherapy helps in mind relaxation, then on the other side foot reflexology helps provide an equal reflex relaxation on the different body organs, deep tissue massage helps in rejuvenating the deepest senses of the body and sports massage helps in getting relief from the injuries during sports activity.

  • The other relative benefits of being in the world of massage therapies are as listed below-
  • Massage helps in the complete relaxation of the body and mind.
  • It helps in higher blood flow throughout the body, in turn helps with higher oxygen flow.
  • It also helps amplify the lymph circulation in the body for an effective rejuvenation of the body organs.
  • Gives a relieving feel due to excessive exercise, injury or even strain
  • Specific massage therapies assist in fighting away the knots or strains of the muscles due to extra tension or strain in the muscles
  • Massage sessions like foot reflexology provide an awesome reflexive action on the relative body part and removes the ailments concerning them
  • Massage touches the various pressure points and rightly gives them the soothe they require for an effective functioning of such parts

Massage therapies such as sports massage and Thai Massage is beneficial for the athletes whose thigh and calf muscles gets strained due to extra running and physical work.

Reflexology Massage: The Myth and The Truth

Reflexology massage is generally a misunderstood massage and spa treatment. Mostly people tend to consider it as a foot massage, mostly due to the similar thoughts and practice by certain spa therapists. It has been found to be thought of to belong from the ancient Chinese treatment subset; however, it comes from treatment modality subset whose actual origin is in America during the 20th century.

So, if you are still on question as to what is reflexology?

Here’s the appropriate answer!

  • Reflexology is basically a spa treatment during which the therapist tends to work on the reflex points of the feet, the hands, and the ears. These are correlated to have reflex actions on certain related specific body organs and glands of the body.
  • During reflexology, these points get stimulated using the finger pressure and thus promotes the health of these organs and glands supporting the body’s energy trails.
  • When performed by a professional practitioner, it helps in deep relaxation treatment for the body and mind and benefits the entire body.
  • The therapist who work on such session use a varied range of techniques such as- hold-on, finger pressure, rotation, kneading and rubbing. It not just a Foot Reflexology but involves reflexology for the entire body.

What it’s thought and what it exactly concerns to?

  • The main aim behind Reflexology Massage is that the effect of Reflexology must be felt all through the body. For this the therapists make use of both hands and feet reflexology treatments as part of the entire reflexology treatment.
  • With this the effect of the correlative massage is felt throughout the body. If you appear fall under a less skilled or improperly trained therapist, he would land up giving you a long duration foot massage.
  • There are multiple evidences that people has been practicing certain form of hand and foot massage therapies long ago around 4,000 years ago in China and Egypt.  The modern rediscovery of these types of systematized foot therapy is under the name of Dr William Fitzgerald, who named it “Zone Therapy.”  This came in public through his article in 1915, named “To Stop That Toothache, Squeeze Your Toe,” and was published in Everybody’s Magazine.
  • This work was further researched and extended by Eunice Ingham, who became popular as the “pioneer of modern reflexology.”  She correspondingly mapped the feet to the other corresponding organs and the respective glands of the body.  Devising a system of techniques, she enabled the foundation of a patterned massage that could contact with the organ’s reflexes in pretty effective and cost friendly way.
  • This laid the foundation of “Original Ingham Method” and was further refined into the legacy of giving the foundation of modern reflexology.