9 Unusual Benefits Of Foot Massage

Unusual things always attract our attention!

Isn’t it?

Of course, it does!

Foot massage and deep tissue massage are two of those most demanded massage therapies. While foot massage goes perfectly for all those who do not wish to remove their clothes, while massage; the deep tissue massage goes perfectly for complete rest and relaxation.

If you are amongst those who perfect getting a foot massage rather than a Deep Tissue Massage, these unusual facts would definitely excite your interests:-

Foot massage is an amazing add-on for your good sex life

It just needs a massage oil, a few lighted scented candles and some light music playing around and you are all set to the mood for a passionate night of lovemaking. A foot massage comes as the most selfless gift to your life partner on such occasions and helps improve your sex life.

Improves fluid circulation in the body

Adding a little life and serenity to the regular sedentary lifestyle, a foot massage works expediently to channelize and improve the fluid circulation of your body. This automatically lowers the extremities of fatigue and body failure.

Helps in preventing all kinds of foot and ankle injuries

Foot massage works judiciously on all types of foot and ankle injuries as it helps in early recovery from an injury, and also reduces the muscle soreness. Massage combined with certain foot and ankle strengthening exercises gives higher strength to your foot and ankle.

Lowers depression and anxiety

Studies have shown the effectiveness of foot reflexology in lowering the level of depression and anxiety. Putting the mind to ultimate relaxation, it simply brings you to a relaxed state.

Helps to lower the headaches and migraines

Studies conducted in Denmark depicted that people suffering from headaches and migraines have responded highly to foot massage therapies. This means 65% of the people suffering from such pains have been benefited with regular settings of foot massage.

Lowers blood pressure

Foot massage has the highest capacity to lower down the blood pressure and work effectively on higher blood circulation. It has been seen that just a 10-minute foot massage session performed three times a week results in the improved mental state, lowered anxiety and blood pressure.

Assists in the problem of flat feet and plantar fasciitis

People suffering from flat feet and ligament laxity have been said to receive higher benefits with a periodic foot massage due to the effective pressure applied during the process.

Helps in the alleviation of the symptoms of PMS and menopause

Foot massage is also said to show wonders on the alleviated symptoms of menopause and PMS. It eases the various feelings of sadness, unhappiness, irritability, tension, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, headaches and even mood swings.

Reduces the effects of oedema in pregnant women

Oedema that leads to the swelling in feet and ankles can be reduced and well treated with an effective Foot Massage.

Get a Stiff Massage with Deep Tissue Therapy – Muscle Stress Reliever

Any type of massage is focused on relieving your mind stress and muscle strain being it aromatherapy massage or deep tissue massage. The only difference is that the deep tissue massage is performed with a firm pressure activating the deepest folds of your muscles whereas the former one provides you a soothing and softening massage to tranquilize your well being.

Vedas Spa, one of the most popular Spa centers primarily aims at providing the best spa solutions to its customers. It has employed the world-class therapists who are well acquainted with the state-of-the-art massage therapies and skilled to perform their jobs consummately. Deep Tissue Massage being a sturdy massage is at times suitable for folks who yearn for an intensified body rubs. So if you are the one who wants to lighten up your muscle strain yet get a relaxing sensation, deep tissue massage is a highly recommended therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage does not only relieve you from your stress or tensions but also sabotages your leg muscle pain, back pain or elbow pain to a very high extent. The highly experienced therapists stress on those points and vanishes your pain in no time thus exposing you to the much-required comfort.

Massage is an essential therapy that each one of us must undertake in order to get ourselves divulged with our own self. That duration of massage allows us to concentrate on each of our body parts and feel good about it. You can get either of the Deep Tissue Massage or Aromatherapy Massage done as per your body requirements. However, one thing is for sure the feeling that you get after these massages in unexplainable. You can just express it cant explain it. When you feel lethargic, annoyed or irritated at any point of time, it is time for you to get a Deep Tissue Massage done at Vedas Spa.

Spot Massage- A New Way To Relieve The Deepest Concentrated Problems Using Deep Tissue Massage

All of us have been hearing about what is referred as the massage therapy. Well! There are a numerous types of massage therapies associated to particular problem or concern and its corrective actions. Each type of massage sublimes a particular problem area or concern, thus, prior to choosing your massage session, you must be aware of the right one that favours your need.

Amongst the multiple massage types is deep tissue massage that reflects massage therapies being applied to the deepest portions of the body tissues and muscles. It is basically a combination of massage and gentle strokes that does the job.

Massage has been a considerate for stress relief. It not just act as a stress-relieving form but also comforts the various body portions without letting your hard-earned money go in vain. The best massage therapies correspond to simple yet pretty effective things that work best on your stress areas and relax them too leaving a comfortable body for your ease.

Deep tissue massage and its corelation with SPOT MASSAGE

Deep tissue massage on one side focuses on the painful and stiff “trouble spots” throughout the body. It is performed by a therapist using slow driven, deliberate strokes focusing on the layers of muscles, the tendons, or any other tissues located deep under the skin, through carefully applied pressure.  Even though, it is less rhythmic in nature as compared to the other massage types, deep tissue massage is pretty therapeutic in nature and handles ailments such as- healing chronic prototype of tension and help with the muscle injuries, like- back sprain. It is best for individuals who are suffering from any of the chronically driven tightened or painful muscles, recurring strain patterns, postural ailments, or even for recovery from an injury.

Spot massage is an incorporated deep tissue massage along with Swedish, Esselen, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu and many of the acupressure techniques involved in it. It mainly is a concentrated regional massage used for soft tissue strains or any other such injuries for a period of around 90 minutes. It targets through massaging motions effectively for soothing and stimulating at a specific body part for releasing the unwanted tension at the place when any pressure is applied on it.

Benefits of Spot Massage

  • Favours most of the people as it is medium in nature as per its intensity level.
  • It helps in soothing the tightened and tensed muscles by concentrating onto a targeted region.
  • Relieves the unwanted muscle tension due to pressure application.

Who is best suitable for Spot Massage?

It favours most of the people in need of massage for relaxation. Apart from that, in case one feels to get the tension of a specific area relieved and relaxed, it can be well used. Also, this is suitable for curing tight muscle of the body and gives a better relaxation experience.