Reflexology Massage: The Myth and The Truth

Reflexology massage is generally a misunderstood massage and spa treatment. Mostly people tend to consider it as a foot massage, mostly due to the similar thoughts and practice by certain spa therapists. It has been found to be thought of to belong from the ancient Chinese treatment subset; however, it comes from treatment modality subset whose actual origin is in America during the 20th century.

So, if you are still on question as to what is reflexology?

Here’s the appropriate answer!

  • Reflexology is basically a spa treatment during which the therapist tends to work on the reflex points of the feet, the hands, and the ears. These are correlated to have reflex actions on certain related specific body organs and glands of the body.
  • During reflexology, these points get stimulated using the finger pressure and thus promotes the health of these organs and glands supporting the body’s energy trails.
  • When performed by a professional practitioner, it helps in deep relaxation treatment for the body and mind and benefits the entire body.
  • The therapist who work on such session use a varied range of techniques such as- hold-on, finger pressure, rotation, kneading and rubbing. It not just a Foot Reflexology but involves reflexology for the entire body.

What it’s thought and what it exactly concerns to?

  • The main aim behind Reflexology Massage is that the effect of Reflexology must be felt all through the body. For this the therapists make use of both hands and feet reflexology treatments as part of the entire reflexology treatment.
  • With this the effect of the correlative massage is felt throughout the body. If you appear fall under a less skilled or improperly trained therapist, he would land up giving you a long duration foot massage.
  • There are multiple evidences that people has been practicing certain form of hand and foot massage therapies long ago around 4,000 years ago in China and Egypt.  The modern rediscovery of these types of systematized foot therapy is under the name of Dr William Fitzgerald, who named it “Zone Therapy.”  This came in public through his article in 1915, named “To Stop That Toothache, Squeeze Your Toe,” and was published in Everybody’s Magazine.
  • This work was further researched and extended by Eunice Ingham, who became popular as the “pioneer of modern reflexology.”  She correspondingly mapped the feet to the other corresponding organs and the respective glands of the body.  Devising a system of techniques, she enabled the foundation of a patterned massage that could contact with the organ’s reflexes in pretty effective and cost friendly way.
  • This laid the foundation of “Original Ingham Method” and was further refined into the legacy of giving the foundation of modern reflexology.

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