Aromatherapy- A Complete Guide

Aromatherapy is one of the most famous healing form that makes use of various essential oils extracted from the plant. During the session one doesn’t just inhales the “aroma” of the essential oils but also can enjoy the oil’s massage into the skin as well. Adding the essential oils or those highly concentrated oils extracted from the plant to the massage oil or the lotion being used, this therapy is performed.

It has been in use ever since thousands of years back. Even though the therapy was unexplored until the 11th century till the exploration of steam distillation helped in 100% extraction of the essential oils from plants.

Currently the essential oils are being used in aromatherapy for benefiting the body in various forms healing the mind and other body systems including the limbic system, the nervous system and skin too.

Why Do People Get Aromatherapy Massage?

Aromatherapy massage somewhat similar to the Swedish massage but the only thing that makes is different is the addition of the essential oils in the therapy session.

Mentioned below are the reasons to undergo an aromatherapy–

  • It cures issues related to muscle- and joint based problem conditions
  • Works effectively on relieving the physical and mental stress
  • Relieves headache, insomnia and triggers sleep
  • Cures any sort of digestive disorders
  • Heals the premenstrual syndromes (PMS) and back pain

Significance of each oil used in Aromatherapy

Each essential oil taken in use during the Aromatherapy massage has its own healing characteristics, as mentioned below-

  • Calming Characteristics – chamomile, lavender, geranium
  • Uplifting Characteristics – ylang-ylang, clary sage, rose, neroli
  • Energizing Characteristics – rosemary
  • Decongesting Characteristics – eucalyptus, pine, tea tree

The massage therapist picks the right oils based on the problem symptoms for better relief.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

It is due to the associated benefits with aromatherapy sessions that this therapy has become highly popular.

Following are the associated benefits with the therapy-

  1. It relieves unnecessary stress

Aromatherapy is amongst the most popular and widespread therapy that has popularised as the biggest stress reliever. The aromatic compounds associated with the different essential oils work as relaxants, soothing the mind, eliminating the anxiety levels.

2. Works as  an Antidepressant

In association with stress relief, it also eliminates the feelings of depression and thus works as an effective antidepressant.

3. Stimulates Memory

Memory loss is one of the biggest fear and leads to  a common widespread disease of Alzheimer that affects process of memory loss among the older folks. This leads to a inability of forming short-term memories. Aromatherapy has been considered as an effective way for slowing down the progression process of this condition.

4. Amplifies the Energy Levels

Amplifying the energy levels, it works similar to the other harmful stimulants such as- coffee, cigarettes, energy pills, or any other illegal substance.

5. Prompts the Healing Process

The essential oils used in the process works as a stimulant prompting the healing rate of the body.

6. Lowers Headaches

The essential oils are a great reliever in case of headaches.

7. Triggers Sleep

The therapy is a great stimulator of sleep and helps in getting rid of the sleep disorders.

8. Reinforces the Immune System

Aromatherapy gives an awesome boost to the body immune system.

9. Relieves Pain

Avoiding the side effects associated with analgesics, the therapy is a real boon for pain relief.

10. Enhances Digestion

Dealing with the digestive, aromatherapy works perfectly on conditions of constipation, indigestion, bloating, and improves metabolism.

Spot Massage- A New Way To Relieve The Deepest Concentrated Problems Using Deep Tissue Massage

All of us have been hearing about what is referred as the massage therapy. Well! There are a numerous types of massage therapies associated to particular problem or concern and its corrective actions. Each type of massage sublimes a particular problem area or concern, thus, prior to choosing your massage session, you must be aware of the right one that favours your need.

Amongst the multiple massage types is deep tissue massage that reflects massage therapies being applied to the deepest portions of the body tissues and muscles. It is basically a combination of massage and gentle strokes that does the job.

Massage has been a considerate for stress relief. It not just act as a stress-relieving form but also comforts the various body portions without letting your hard-earned money go in vain. The best massage therapies correspond to simple yet pretty effective things that work best on your stress areas and relax them too leaving a comfortable body for your ease.

Deep tissue massage and its corelation with SPOT MASSAGE

Deep tissue massage on one side focuses on the painful and stiff “trouble spots” throughout the body. It is performed by a therapist using slow driven, deliberate strokes focusing on the layers of muscles, the tendons, or any other tissues located deep under the skin, through carefully applied pressure.  Even though, it is less rhythmic in nature as compared to the other massage types, deep tissue massage is pretty therapeutic in nature and handles ailments such as- healing chronic prototype of tension and help with the muscle injuries, like- back sprain. It is best for individuals who are suffering from any of the chronically driven tightened or painful muscles, recurring strain patterns, postural ailments, or even for recovery from an injury.

Spot massage is an incorporated deep tissue massage along with Swedish, Esselen, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu and many of the acupressure techniques involved in it. It mainly is a concentrated regional massage used for soft tissue strains or any other such injuries for a period of around 90 minutes. It targets through massaging motions effectively for soothing and stimulating at a specific body part for releasing the unwanted tension at the place when any pressure is applied on it.

Benefits of Spot Massage

  • Favours most of the people as it is medium in nature as per its intensity level.
  • It helps in soothing the tightened and tensed muscles by concentrating onto a targeted region.
  • Relieves the unwanted muscle tension due to pressure application.

Who is best suitable for Spot Massage?

It favours most of the people in need of massage for relaxation. Apart from that, in case one feels to get the tension of a specific area relieved and relaxed, it can be well used. Also, this is suitable for curing tight muscle of the body and gives a better relaxation experience.

Back Pain: Does Back Pain Massage Helps Relieve The Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among the folks above the age of 30 years. At times it also exists in young aged individuals, too who are used to sitting for long hours. As per the reports of Mayo Clinic, approx 80% of the Americans suffer from lower back pain ailments at least once in the lifetime.

Back pain has been the most is a common reason for work place absenteeism and doctor’s visit. Even though it is not usually serious but definitely uncomfortable.

Back pain generally associated with form of connections between our bones, muscles and the ligaments. However, lower back pain is said to be mostly linked with the bony lumbar spine, vertebrae discs, ligaments surrounding the spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, lower back muscles, etc.

Massage concentrating at the back is considered significant in curing such pains by the back pain massage or the Back Massage.

Causes of Back pain

The major causes of back pain are:

  1. Strained muscles, ligaments and muscle spasm
  2. Structural problems such as ruptured discs, bulging discs, etc
  3. Diseases such as- Sciatica, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Cancer of the spine
  4. Aberrant curvature of the spine
  5. Symptoms of Cauda equina syndrome
  6. Spine and Shingles infection
  7. Several other infections including- pelvic inflammatory disease in females, kidney or bladder infections
  8. Regular sleep disorders
  9. Use of bad mattress for sleeping on a regular basis
  10. Constant poor posture during everyday activities

Factor responsible for back pain

The significant factors that links higher chances of getting the back pain problem are:

  • Working in a mentally stressful job
  • During the period of pregnancy
  • An inactive lifestyle
  • Due to old age mainly among older adults who tend to be more vulnerable than the younger generation
  • Due to higher anxiety levels and depression
  • Due to gender inclinations of being common among females
  • Obesity and being overweight
  • Smoking a lot
  • Exhaustive physical work and exercise if not performed correctly

Benefits of Massage for relieving back pain

Massage has been well recommended for relieving back pain and an effective method too as it is a natural way for such cures.

For all those who have been questioning towards the affectivity of Back Pain Massage, the answer is ‘yes’!

  • Being a non-invasive and pretty low risk involved way of treating back pain, it is considered favourable for most of the people.
  • Adding to the physical benefits, such massage types have been considered favourable as a help to the experts and psychological body setup as it supports relaxation and amplifies the production of ‘feel good’ chemicals- endorphins of the body naturally that automatically is helpful for curing both the acute and chronic back pain issues.
  • It amplifies the blood flow and its circulation bringing the required nutrition for the muscles and tissues.
  • It aids towards the recovery of the soreness in the muscle due to physical activity or any of the soft tissue injuries or s muscle strain).
  • Reduces the muscles’ tension amplifying the relaxation of the muscle leading to higher flexibility, sleep and finally reduces the back pain.